Wednesday, July 13, 2005

De-Fi Radio #11

The new show is up!! De-Fi Radio #11 can be found at the NEW home of De-Fi Radio - =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On saturday a 56 year old Pensacola woman ran her RV into a 51 year old Seminole woman after arguing over who was next @ a gas pump

On my way back to pcola.So far i have passed electricity trucks from Indiana and Mass.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Strokes meets [insert southern rock band]. But more mature. And better.

So it must be The Rewinds.

Go to now! Coldplay meets Keane meets The Strokes meets The Mars Volta. Blowing my mind. Draws u in & makesu move

Saturday, July 09, 2005

HOLY CRAP! Madrid is awesome! And from Pensacola, FL!

At The Nick - - & met the bands. We're in for a great show. =) Wish you were here.

If you want great info about Dennis, go to and you can listen to commercial-free info from all kinds of local resources.

I-65 goes back to regular laning at exit 168. If you are in S-bound lanes get in right lane @ mile 160 or before if you want to continue north

Just passed 10 national guard vehicles headed south. Its started raining and traffic has slowed again @ mile 193 on I-65

Traffic just came to a crawl about mile 167, all 4 lanes. Dont know why yet.

There is a bad 5 or 6 car accident on I-65 @ mile 164 in regular northbound lanes.

I just saw two cute & little pomeranian pups that Alexis would have liked to see. Wish i had a digital camera or camera phone.

On I-65 and it is all northbound. I am driving north on a normally southbound lane. Jealous, Mark? =)

Just testing to make sure it works. Probably wont have a title. =)

Hurricane Dennis

Since i live in Pensacola, Florida, i am evacuating. I have enabled this blog so i can update it from my phone. I'll give a quick status report here. Most likely on traffic, gas, and what not. Just quick posts.

Why this blog? Because i need the server that this site is on to not go down. My personal blog is hosted in Pensacola (at the college UWF) and if they lose power, its bye bye updates.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Domain Name Works Now!!

So i did it. I got the domain from They made it so easy and their console to manage my account is easy to use. Top notch guys, so if you're looking for a place to buy a domain name from, is it. And its cheap! =)

I have a temporary design up over at Please tell me here or at - in the comments - which design you like more. I'm open to your suggestions/preferences.

I'm getting the music together for 11. Unfortunately the new setup isn't here yet. But we'll have it for 12. I promise! Please stay subscribe and stay tuned!

Odeo First Impressions

I was recently invited to the Odeo beta. I've been playing around with it and have decided to write up a little "First Impressions" thing. I wrote it as i went through Odeo the first time i logged in.

If you haven't heard of Odeo, its a website and a program that let's you subscribe to and download podcasts. Its goal is to make it easier for people to listen to podcasts.

Interested? Good! =) You can check out my first impressions of Odeo to find out more about it. =)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

HOWTO Subscribe to Podcasts

Ben Taylor and I just finished up a HOWTO we have been working on. We started it before iTunes 4.9 came out, so iTunes 4.9 is not covered in it. We are putting the finishing touches on our iTunes 4.9 HOWTO so stay tuned!

For now, you can read HOWTO Subscribe to Podcasts. In it we tell you how to install the most popular podcatching software and how to subscribe to a podcast. Very helpful if you are not using iTunes 4.9. We feel its helpful even if you are using iTunes 4.9 so you can appreciate just how far podcasts have come since October 2004.

We hope you enjoy it and find it informative. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, etc., feel free to contact us at defiradio AT gmail DOT com.

And if you like the HOWTO, please click here to Digg it.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Stillman EP available at

STILLMAN: The Weightless EPThats right, Stillman now has an EP for sale over at

You remember Stillman from De-Fi Radio numer 9, don't you? His song Born for Show really impressed me. Well now the whole EP is available and i must say, it is 5 songs of greatness. I recommend you grab it pronto!

And have a great 4th of July.

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July. Be careful, have fun and watch fireworks!

If you want, you can send me some photos (brianbuttface AT gmail DOT com) and i'll post them up here for you! =)

My 4th of July present to you is still under wraps. Its almost done. I'll give you a hint:

Saturday, July 02, 2005

De-Fi Radio #10

Podcast link button
Here it is!! The Top 10 At 10! It took for friggin' ever, i know. But its well worth it i promise.

Get the mp3 file but you should really subscribe using the RSS feed

Why is it worth it? Well funny you should ask! So much less of me going "Ilove that band. They're great" and more music to rock your eardrums.

It was recorded using my crappy mic but this episode we bid farewell to the Altec Lansing AHS-202. It served me well to get started but its just a cheap mic headset combo. I got it at Target for USD$10.

For show 11 we'll have a new setup! I'm super stoked about my new microphone and stuff but i'll share it all later. For now, show notes!

  • Coming in at number 10, Good Night City - Move On
    First aired on De-Fi Radio #7.

  • At number 9 we have Ghotti - She Said
    A song from the forthcoming album, shows they're versatility.

  • Stephen Kelly has a great acoustic sound that anyone will instantly enjoy. His song Muck Mosey clocks in at the number 8 spot.

  • Boston gives us our number 7 on the Top 10 At 10. Home to baked beans, C.C. Chapman, the Boston Red Sox, and Averi and just wonderful music as a rule, from the album Drawn to Revolving Doors, For Better or Worse

  • From the album Under A Killer Blue Sky by Jupiter Sunrise comes our number 6 song, Kaye. They're on the Warped Tour this summer, so go see them in the tent. Good times for sure.

  • Number 5 comes to use from Redwood, California courtesy of Mr. Ronnie Day. This song is called Outside and comes from his self-everythinged cd "Nine Sleepless Night." Pick it up at

  • Of course we all remember Ghotti. Would could forget them after this song - number 4 in our countdown - Sunflowers?

  • Tied at the number 2 spot are The Transfer - Down With Everything and Apollo 13 - Hero. Put these two songs in a cage match, let them duke it out and who comes out a winner? You do, my dear listener. You do. =)

  • And coming in at NUMBER 1..... Arkitekt with a song that i like to think of as the theme song for podcasting, Most of Us. You can find it on their "What Makes Your World Go Around" cd.

The ending song is Hot Hot Heat's Get In or Get Out from the Make Up the Breakdown CD. I got it from SubPop's Media section.

Thanks so much for tuning in! The new site is just getting started and once it is up, i'll let you know. Go ahead and bookmark so you will be prepared when i move it over.

See you soon for show 11. Congrats to the two winners of the Apollo 13 CD giveaway contest! They were Bob Battams and Ken Kozlowski. I've sent you two an e-mail and once i have a mailing address, you'll get the CDs. And all of you U.S. listeners, have a safe 4th of July!