Tuesday, May 31, 2005

De-Fi Radio #9

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More great music tonight. And great news!!!
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First off, a killer red wine that i found at Target. It is a Merlot by Papio Wines. It was excellent. A smoother merlot, with great blackberry flavor and full-bodied. And the best part was it was only US $6! It was better than most US $25 and up wines i have had! I highly recommend it. And Papio Wines, if you're reading/listening, maybe we can talk sponsorship? =D

Now, on with the music!

  • The Willis - We Are
    Picture of the willisRemember their song Jimmy Fallon from last show?

    Well they're back with another great song. I dig this band and so should you! =)

  • Minus 200 - Boiling Over

    Picture of Minus 200 Minus 200 began as a trio of brothers, Bree Beal on bass and lead vocals, Rane Beal on guitar and back up vocals, and Ty Beal on drums. In early 2002, the band acquired Kaelie Retts on electric violin and began wowing audiences at venues in the Phoenix area such as The Venue of Scottsdale, Bash on Ash, Hard Rock Café and Alice Cooper’s Town.

    In August of 2004 the band joined forces with bass player Stephen Sinek (formerly of Dtailz) and released their self titled EP (engineered by Danny Wright- Maroon 5, Death Row Records). Since that time, their music has received critical acclaim and international success through internet radio and MP3 sites such as Purevolume.com, umn.com and ic-musicmedia.com as well as through high record sales and local radio airplay.

    Song is from their 6 song EP with the music video for "Boiling Over." You can pick it up for US$7.25 at Interpunk so go do it now!

  • The Transfer - How Hazardous We Are

    Pic of The TransferRemember them from last show with their song "Down With Everything"? Well i couldn't get enough of them so here is a new one.

    Don't forget that the new CD Romantics & Addicts is available June 7! You better buy a copy!! They are amzing rock from Detroit, Michigan and deserve your dollars! =D

  • The Mod-est Lads - Sputnik Spy From Outer Space

    I just can't stop myself from moving to the Bladderpool, UK beat. I'm wearing out their CD in my CD player. Its so great! I love the funny 1960s rock sound. It sounds that the band is having fun with it so even better! =D

  • Apollo 13 - Hero
    Picture of Apollo 13What more can i say about this award winning band? I think their site says it all.

    Stay tuned to the end of the show. I'm doing a CD giveaway where you can win Apollo 13's Brave New World CD!. More details are in the show so make sure you listen! =D

    And go to apollothirteen.com to get their CD Brave New World. You will be more than amazed, i promise.

  • Stillman - Born for Show

    The creative outlet of one man – Chaz Craik. Not only can he produce, but he is also an amazing musician. All of the instrumentation is his own, except for the drums. Chaz had a rising alt-country star Lucky Jim lay down the beats on the pagan skins.

    First and foremost a bass player, Chaz has an uncanny ability to to understand how songs fit together. And from the tracks on the Weightless EP, you can really tell that this producer meets songwriter meets musician is going to be well on his way.

  • Buffalo Song - Glorious Tonight
    Picture of Buffalo SonThis song comes from his When The Clouds Grew Roots CD.

    Buffalo Son is Blake Woessner. These songs are his vision of “songs from the porch swing.”

    Blake is the son of a Blues-harmonica father and an artist mother who raised him in California. Soon after they would move to New York City where Blake would begin playing dark taverns and bright bonfires. These gigs soon paid off in the form of better gigs on rooftops, in bars, and a weekly appearance in a café in Brooklyn.

    Writing most of his music on a fire-escape while staring up at the New York sky, vocal melodies remain the “skin and bones” of his songs.

    Buffalo Son, from California to the New York Islands has lived and felt what it is to be human. Now he wants to sing about it. Listen up.

    So the two Buffalo Son CDs you need to get:
    CD Cover of When the Clouds Grew Roots  CD Cover of These Healing Bones

  • Jupiter Sunrise - Steal Me
    Picture of Jupiter SunriseI can not get this song out of my head! =D

    Since its in their, now i put it in your ears. And i hope it stays there! Its a great song.

    More evidence of why you need to buy their CD, Under A Killer Blue Sky!! And of course you can sign their guest book, check out some videos and all kinds of coolness. So go now! =D

    CD Cover of Under a Killer Blue SkyThe store was down when i just tried to access it but i am certain it will be back up shortly. Probably just some routine site maintenance. But that is no excuse for you! =P

Don't forget about the CD giveaway mentioned in the show. You have until 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) - that is GMT-8 hours - on June 10, 2005 to have what you need to have e-mailed to defiradio at gmail dot com for your chance to win! =D

As always, thanks so much for listening! And check out the forums at musicpodcasting.org where you can interact with all of us Association Music of Podcasting members. =D

Thanks for listening! Stay tuned...

Monday, May 30, 2005

De-Fi #9 Soon Plus NEWS!!

Hey everyone!! De-Fi Radio #9 is just around the corner and there are some cool announcements in it!!

Also, there will be a CD giveaway mentioned in the show so make sure you stay subscribed to hear it as soon as it is available!

If you have a chance, why not stop by Association of Music Podcasting site. While you're there, you can check out all the other AMP shows and browse the forums. =)

See you soon for show number 9!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

De-Fi Radio #8

Finally!! =D After a few minor setbacks, show #8 is now up! What a ride it was to get it live. But now, here it is.

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Tonight's lineup is impressive. So is the amount of wine i comsumed. While not mentioned in the show anywhere, i was sampling two reds and a champagne.
First, the reds:

As for the Champagne, it was Freixenet Brut.

Ok, now that the wine and cheese course is over with, lets get to the music:

  • The Transfer - Down With Everything
    Picture of The Transfer
    The Transfer is:
    Steve Tutor - Vocals
    Justin Carls - Guitar

    Ted Krisko - Guitar

    Chris Larson - Bass

    Steve Poirier - Drums

    From Detroit, Michigan, their sound combines highly technical guitar and bass riffs with pounded and rocked out drums. Songwriting is influenced by the best of the 1990s post-hardcore groups and has an artistic feel. Having met local music producers and personalities Bill Kozy (Cheap Trick, Lit, The Suicide Machines, D12, Eminem, Five Horse Johnson) and Tim Patalan (The Fags, Sponge, Fretblanket, Local H) at "The Loft" in Saline Michigan, The Transfer began cutting demos in 2004. Their album, "Romantics and Addicts" is due out June 7, 2005. Pick up a copy for US $12 at www.thetransfer.com

  • Ghotti - She Said
    From their soon-to-be-released album, Ghotti gives us more great rock with their song "She Said." I personally can not wait to hear the CD once it is finished. Stayed tuned for the release date.

  • 2 Cubic Feet - My Own Reflection
    Still no word on when their official website will be back up but thats ok. I still dig the tracks they have at purvolume. =)

  • Averi - For Better or Worse
    I am still blown away by this CD. It helped get me through a little trouble spot i had this past week. =) Don't you love it when music can help you do that?

  • The Mod-est Lads - She Could Be in the Beatles
    From their Trouser Load of Love CD (the only five songs known to have been recorded by The Mod-est Lads) "She Could Be in the Beatles" is a great example of the catchy, hip-shaking beats and light-hearted, fun lyrics.

    Depending on who you talk to determines which version of The Mod-est Lads' history you will get. Some say they were the hottest thing out of Bladderpool, England in 1966. Destined for superstardom they just disappeared.

    Others (i.e., crackpots and cospiracy theorists) say that they are eccentric sausage ranchers from Iowa who grew tired of creating elaborate crop circle hoaxes and decided to pass themselves off as long lost rock and roll sensations from Bladderpool. You decide.

  • The Clarkes - Face To the Ground
    Not much is known about this group other than they can play some good music! =) As soon as i know more, you will know more. Deal?

  • The Willis - Jimmy Fallon
    Picture of The Willis

    Oshkosh's The Willis' pop-inflected sound is complimented by diverse textures, unconventional instruments (trash can lids for example), resisting sonic, tonal, and rhythmic conventions with arrangements that don't sacrifice rock.
    The Willis' forthcoming album bathtub.lightbulb.heartattack promises to be an adventure in the sonic realm.

  • Hera Crush - Shout
    First off i accidentally said that Tears for Fears originally did this song. Now i know i'll get flamed and am sorry. I wasn't thinking straight. I was inebriated.

    Second, Hera Crush is a band obsessed with contrasts. We like to move from beautiful, fragile melody to vicious, squalling noise. Lots of bands write good songs, and
    we like many of them, famous and non-famous. But not many go either as
    quiet or as loud as they do. And even fewer promise a love child conceived in
    a brief coming together of Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and Layne Staley singing over a wall of sound that veers between gentle, Smiths-like calm to schizophrenic "oh dear, the Pumpkins and Rage are fighting again" carnage.

I am so sorry that is has been 13 days since the last show. I had some personal things come up that almost prevented me from checking e-mail! But its here with 9 soon to follow! So lets keep rocking and thanks for your patience! =D

Thursday, May 12, 2005

On May 12, 2005 The Daily Source Code!!

Thats right, a promo for De-Fi Radio was played on today's Daily Source Code hosted by none other than the Podfather himself, Adam Curry!!! =D

And if that wasn't enough, he played Arkitekt's great song "Most of Us." Thanks a ton Adam!

You can get today's Daily Source Code directly here. And you can get it everyday that it is released by subscrbing to the show's RSS feed

If you're coming over from Adam's show and site, thanks for checking us out! I am certain you will not be disappointed with the shows. =) Thanks so much for stopping by!

Get the May 12, 2005 New York Times

Why? Well because none other than Jason from Insomnia Radio was interviewed by the New York Times!!!!

Hooray for Jason and hooray for AMP!

Of course if you prefer to not step outside, you can always read it here. But you will most likely have to register at the nytimes site.

No worries, since it is free. Just more spam to fill your e-mail inbox.

Don't Get iTunes 4.8!

unless you want iPodder to break.

There seems to be a compatability issue with iPodder and iTunes version 4.8 that
causes iPodder to crash as it attempts to load.

If you still want/need the latest version of iTunes, may i suggest the following:

  • For Windows machines:
    • Image link for Doppler pod catcher software

    • Image link to Nimiq

  • For Mac: you're only option seems to be Image link to iPodderX

Lets hope that the lemon team can get iPodder fixed soon. =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Link error =(

SO thank to everyone that pointed out the link to the latest show is incorrect. Sorry about that.

I have finally found the problem and updated the link. For convenience's sake, you can also click here to get De-Fi Radio #7. =)

Sorry i goofed up again! =(

Monday, May 09, 2005

De-Fi Radio #7 - Crank It!!

Tonight's show has been a long time coming. But its worth it. Check it out! =)

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  • Ghotti - Sunflowers

    Picture of the band GhottiAnother amazing group from the UK, Brighton based Ghotti are Pat on Drums, Robin on Bass, Ugo on Guitar and Howard on Vocals and guitar. However as they all play each others instruments, this can change.

    Having been good friends for a number of years, the band was formed in 2001 when Howard and Ugo bribed, coerced, drugged and threatened them all into a rehearsal room.

    Since then they have worked solidly together to develop the Ghotti sound. Ghotti tries to combine intelligent lyrical content with strong melodic structure and sharp beats, wandering somewhere between rock, soul, funk and a hard place!

    Sunflowers just grabbed me from the beginning, so i felt it only natural to start this show off with them!

    They are working on their soon-to-be-released EP so keep checking their site Ghotti.com for more info.

  • Jupiter Sunrise - Kaye
    Picture of the band Jupiter Sunrise
    Recently featured on NPR in a spot called Smaller Bands: Web Propels Music Sales.

    Jupiter Sunrise are Mark Houlihan and Ben Karis on guitars & vocals Aaron Case on bass guitar and Chris Snykus on drums and vocals.

    They are doing a massive tour so check right now. The entire month of May they're touring with Punchline and will be on the Warped tour.

    So be sure to check out their site - jupitersunrise.net for tour dates, more info, merch, and of course, their CD Under A Killer Blue Sky.

  • 2 Cubic Feet - Again
    Picture of 2 Cubic FeetFrom Alberta, Canada, these guys know how to rock.

    In the spring of 2003 they played their first live show; a half-hour set at a high school battle of the bands. They won the crowd over and quickly became addicted to the rush of performing. They began ritualistically practicing. Practice does pay off as they released their first CD in September of 2004.
    Just as everything was falling into place, the drummer and 2 Cubic Feet went their separate ways. After many auditions a new drummer was found and they again rocked crowds. So much so that they won Essie's Canada Day Battle of the Bands.

    Until their official website finishes its major reconstruction, you can find them at purevolume.com/2cubicfeet

  • Kill Dorothy - Crazy As Me
    Picture of Kill Dorothy's singer

    From London with an amazing international crew, Kill Dorothy is getting tremendous recognition from the London music scene.

    Two weeks after they joined Broadjam.com their song Crazy As Me was in the Top 10 for UK and Europe categories.

    If you live in the UK, you owe it to yourself to catch a show!

  • Good Night City - Move On
    Picture of Good Night CityThis Atlanta-based rock quartet conjures up images of Butch Walker / now disbanded Marvelous 3.

    Formed in early 2003, Good Night City takes an old-school approach to rocking out: relentless touring, catchy songs and an incredible stage show.

    The group’s debut album, entitled You Are Almost There, was released on September 23, 2003. Produced by industry veteran Jeff Tomei (Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins), it serves as a skillfully-crafted hint at the endless opportunities ahead of this great band.

    The first single from that album - Move On - has received tons of air time on XM satellite radio, college radio, 99X in Atlanta among others. In August of 2004 Playboy.com chose Good Night City as one of the top 3 unsigned bands in America.

    What are you waiting for? Cehck them out!

  • Averi - Everything With You
    Picture of AveriRemember their song Way We Go Out from De-Fi Radio 6? Well here is more Averi goodness for your ears to behold.

    Get a CD (or two) from their site or in iTunes. Just type Averi into the search box and voila!!

  • And Then I Turned 7 - Sweet Dreams
    Picture of And Then I Turned 7Much to my disappointment, this band beat out Ronnie Day at Purevolume's battle of the bands. Well i shouldn't say disappointment, because ATIT7 is good. I was just really pulling for Ronnie! =)

    Dane Schmidt realized that we all have problems in life as he was going through his own problems and put together "...and then I turned seven..." as something for people to relate to and understand. His ideas and songs were put onto a cd entitled "Broken Summer" in August of 2003 and was released with nothing short of success as an unsigned artist.

Well thats show. I'm sorry it took so longto get out, but i have been just buried under a ton of great music. I'm trying to get it out as fast as i can. =)

Stay tuned for De-Fi Radio #8. I'll have a special thing going on. And it involves you getting a freebie!! I've said too much!!

Thanks so much for listening, for subscribing and for all of the great feedback!! =) Please keep it coming. =)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mentioned on Ipodder.org!!!!

Thats right, De-Fi Radio was mentioned at ipodder.org!! How cool is that?

And thanks to Jeremy Leathe for letting me know via e-mail:

Just thought you'd want to know that I saw a mention of 
De-Fi on ipodder.org, gave it a listen, and love it. I
subscribe to as many indie music podcasts as I can, and
De-Fi contains the best music (or at least the music
with which I most identify) of any podcast I have
listened to (with all due respect to Jason and what
he's doing with Insomnia, which is great).

I voted for De-Fi on Podcast Alley -- I was at least the
first in May, and I think the first ever. Here's to
many more to come.

Keep it up -- I see you're in Florida -- there's too
much excellent, unplayed Florida musicians, so you are
doing great work.

Jeremy P. Leathe

You rock Jeremy!! =)

So now you all should go vote for De-Fi Radio at PodcastAlley.com! =)

I Goofed Again!!

Many many many unending thanks to Andrew Tonner for the heads up about my feed.
I put the wrong link in my enclosure tag so it was downloading De-Fi Radio #5 instead of 6.

I am so sorry for the goof!! But thank you so much ANdrew for letting me know of the problem!! =) I appreciate it so much!!

I've fixed the feed and you should all be getting the new show now. Hope you enjoy it! =)